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One feature of this page that differs from all the others, is that many entries do not have links associated with them. Instead, I expect those interested in an item to look it up on the internet yourself. If you search for the author, the title, the source and the date, you will in most cases find it online. One reason is lack of time on the part of the compiler. The other is that securalism does not deserve such careful attention or respect, since most of its adherents have little respect for adherents of other faiths or religions. Its adherents are careless about their own orientation and blind to their own assumptions. They do not even realize they are people of faith as much as anyone else! So, I take the liberty to be a little careless about their literary output and use my-and your-- time for more useful worldviews.



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Leftism, Liberalism

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Sex, Gender, Education

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Barry Neufeld: “At the risk of being labeled a bigoted homophobe, I have to say that I support traditional family values and I agree with the College of Paediatricians that allowing little children to choose to change gender is nothing short of child abuse...

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